Questions and answers about SPFF

If your concern isn’t dealt with here, email it to spff@thecoast.ca and we’ll get you an answer.


When did the Smartphone Film Fest start?
The first Smartphone Film Festival was in 2015 and has continued annually since. If you missed out on the inaugural fun, don’t make the same mistake again. Use that movie studio in your pocket to make a film now!

How do I send you my brilliant film?
The video hosting site Vimeo. It’s a lot like YouTube, but is preferred by filmmakers we consulted—especially for its ease of password-protecting a video for sharing. And a basic account is free. When your film is uploaded and you’ve added a password, put the link and the password in the SPFF submission form so our jury can watch and enjoy.

How do I set a password with Vimeo?
After you’ve uploaded your video to Vimeo, go into the video’s settings and then to the Privacy tab. There are several options for “Who can watch this video?” but the one you want is “Only people with a password.” After you enter the password, you’ll include it on your SPFF entry form. For a video Vimeo password tutorial watch this.

When are the awards given out?
SPFF’s screening & awards party at Halifax Central Library’s Paul O’Regan Hall. It’s a great event that filmmakers get free tickets to, and film fans can get tickets just by clicking this link to Ticket Halifax.

Can I enter a film I made last year?
Yes. This year, last year, next week, whenever. As long as you shot the video with a smart phone, you can send it to SPFF.

What’s the deadline for submitting my film to the festival?
Update: Because of some unexpected and particularly annoying technical troubles we were having with the film entry form, the deadline has been extended. The new, current deadline for submissions is Monday, March 31, 2017 at 11:59pm Atlantic time. That’s instead of the original, pre-glitch deadline of Wednesday, March 9. No entries will be accepted for the 2017 SPFF after this, so please just meet or beat the deadline.

Can I enter more than one movie in the competition?
Absolutely! Halifax filmmakers are so awesome and talented, and making movies with a smart phone is so fun and easy, there’s no way we could put a limit on your creativity. Enter once, twice or a dozen times—just enter!

I am 11 and I work in Lego stop-motion. Can I enter the festival?
For sure! We have no age limit: Directors under 18 are welcome as long as they have permission from a parent/guardian whose name can go on the submission form. It’s free to enter. And we’re open to all genres of films, which includes Lego as well as animation, documentary, good ol’ Halifax horror and anything else that can be shot with the camera on a smart phone. So send in your movie. Or, even better, movies.

Are there any technical specifications I need to know about when making and submitting my film?
We’re trying to make this as easy and accessible as possible for filmmakers from novice to pro, so we don’t want to get too deep into the technical stuff. As long as you can upload it to Vimeo (see above for help on that), the main tech specs are that you are happy with the way your movie looks and sounds. Other technicalities are that your film must be shot on any brand of smartphone or tablet, meaning no footage from DSLRs, camcorders, GoPros, point-and-shoot cameras or that sort of not-a-smartphone thing. You can use external audio recording devices if you want, you’re free to edit your film using any editing software or platform, and sound and effects can be added in post.

Is it OK for my kid to enter a movie?
Absolutely. Because there are no age limits on creativity or the ability to use a smartphone, there are no age limits here. You will just have to add your name to the submission form as the parent (or guardian) who is vouching for a filmmaker who is under 18. Also, you may have to keep your ego in check if your child makes a better movie than yours.

My question isn’t listed, so how do I ask one?
Asking a question is like making a film—you can do it with your smartphone. Just email it to spff@thecoast.ca.

The submission form on your site isn’t working, so how am I supposed to enter my film?
Send it in by clicking here to send an email.