Closing date: March 31st, 2017

Submitting a film to SPFF is free, and now with this form it should be easy. Most of the information we need is self-evident, but getting us your creation might not be. When your movie is finished, upload it to Vimeo as a Private video that “Only people with a password” can watch, as the privacy settings say. Put the link and the password in the appropriate places in the form. We also want to see behind the scenes of your film shoot, and there’s a place for you to upload two (or more) photos (or videos). Unfortunately for some browser/file combinations, the photo/video upload isn’t working properly, so if you run into trouble just take them out—the submission form has been updated to accept submissions without photos. Otherwise just make sure your film is 5 minutes or less, and it follows the SPFF rules, then you’re ready to roll. Good luck.

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