2nd place 2017

Changarang "Seafarer Fare" by Undine Foulds - Using the face as a canvas this short film tells the tales of seafarers from long ago

May 8, 2017

Changarang “Seafarer Fare” by Undine Foulds & Channing Ross
A tale of seafarers from a time long ago, and the hardships they faced onboard (both real and mythical). A joint project between Undine Foulds and Channing Ross, CHANGARANG uses childlike drawing and stop-motion animation to highlight a story of struggle.

A pair of fresh come-from-aways, Undine and Channing have spent many a morning coffee discussing Halifax winter weather, cursing the late #7 bus and processing the deeply historical stories of the Maritimes. Practicing visual artists and craftspeople, these two millennials are trying to balance an art practice for personal betterment while surviving in a capitalist society.

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