The fine print

Official SPFF rules and regulations

This is what you’re agreeing to when you submit a film to the festival, so you need to give a read.

The Smartphone Film Festival (“SPFF”) will not be responsible for any infringement of any rights in any video and/or movie and/or film (“Film”) submitted to the festival by any person and/or representative and/or applicant (“Applicant”).

By making a submission, the Applicant guarantees that the Applicant possesses all rights necessary to grant permission to SPFF to exhibit the Film. All rights include, but are not limited to, all copyrights for material contained within the Film, personal consent from all individuals appearing within the Film, consent from an authorized party for use of all locations that production of the Film took place, and all other permissions or consents required. Applicant releases SPFF, Coast Publishing Ltd., Eastlink Wireless and all other parties associated with SPFF from any and all claims relating to this use of the Film as permitted by this agreement.

Applicant grants SPFF a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive right and license to use, publish, reproduce, screen, modify, broadcast and distribute the Film as well as the unrestricted use of the Film for any purpose, without compensation to the Applicant.​ This includes not just the SPFF screening party but any other promotional and/or editorial and/or to be determined use.

Film submissions should include two or more behind-the-scene photos and/or videos. Applicant grants SPFF perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to use, publish, reproduce, screen, modify, broadcast and distribute these behind-the-scenes materials, as well as the names of the Film, its filmmakers and cast and crew, and any descriptions of the Film for any purpose, without compensation to the Applicant.

All submissions will be reviewed by members of an SPFF jury (“Jury”), with only selected Films being shown at the SPFF screening party. While Films are accepted from any genre including but not limited to animation, comedy, horror, music video, documentary and experimental, the Jury will not select Films for the screening party if the content is deemed inappropriate for any reason. SPFF, The Coast and and Eastlink Wireless have the right to deny any Film.

Films can be any length up to and including 5 minutes. Films must be shot on smartphone devices and/or tablets of any brand. Films shot using tools that the Jury would not consider smartphones, including but not limited to DSLRs, handycam camcorders, point-and-shoot and/or GoPro cameras, are not acceptable.

External audio recording devices are acceptable and may be used as needed. Films may be edited using any editing software or platform; sound and effects can be added in post-production.

SPFF really hopes people call the SPFF Awards “the Spiffies.” Any awards and/or cash prizes will be decided by the Jury, and such decisions may include input gathered through audience polling. Films may qualify in more than one prize category.

SPFF reserves the right to change these rules at any time before the SPFF screening party. Applicants may withdraw their Films from the festival by making the request in writing at least two weeks before the screening party to Smartphone Film Festival ℅ The Coast, 2309 Maynard Street, Halifax, NS, B3K 3T8. Using the contact information included with the Film submission form, SPFF may contact any Applicant for any reason, including but not limited to checking information in the submission form. SPFF will endeavour to make such contact during reasonable daytime hours, and avoid phoning Applicants too late at night.